About WSP

WSP has been developing and implementing efficient internal logistics for laundry facilities since 1993. Thanks to our innovative approach and genuine interest, we have become a valuable partner for laundries all over the world.

The drive and skill to develop an excellent product and provide first-rate service is in our genes. Our strong sense of involvement extends to our role as system integrator. As you will notice. Authentic attention provides the basis for honest and independent advice. It is the people who make the difference. Committed and innovative: Laundry Innovators.

WSP's systems handle over 4 million kg of laundry per day worldwide

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WSP through the years

  • 1993 – Founding The experienced control engineer Maarten Ploeg founded Wasserij Service Ploeg (WSP) because he wanted to focus exclusively on automating laundry facilities.
  • 1999 – In-house manufacture of transport systems WSP designed and built its first transport systems in 1999. Many of the early conveyor belts are still demonstrating their value for our customers.
  • 2001 - WinWash The production visualisation was initially achieved with Unix operating systems and industrial terminals. With the arrival of Windows, our professionals soon switched to programming in Windows and Visual Basic environments. The result: WinWash. Today WinWash is a familiar name. It is the brain of the laundry facility, controlling the logistics and production processes of more than 200 laundry facilities worldwide.
  • 2010 - Acquisition of production facility in Germany Since the company's founding, bag rail systems and conveyor belts had been purchased. In 2010 WSP decided to start producing internal logistics systems in-house. The primary motivation was to gain greater control of quality, cost price and delivery reliability. To achieve this, WSP acquired a complete bag rail production facility, including staff, from Lavatec in Sarstedt (Germany).
  • 2011 - Name change After 18 years the company name changed to WSP Systems BV. With the customer base becoming ever more international, the new name was more appropriate. In addition, the word 'systems' clearly reflects the nature of WSP's services.
  • 2012 - Laundry Dashboard Market demand was growing for an easy way to collect useful information at the operational, tactical and strategic levels and to make it available to both production staff and management. In response to this, in 2012 WSP launched the management tool Laundry Dashboard.
  • 2015 - Complete UHF RFID integration In recent years WSP has been experimenting avidly with RFID technology and partial solutions. In 2015 WSP achieved the first laundry facility for person-specific laundry in which the UHF RFID technology was used from start to finish. From the container scan, soiled laundry sorter, hanging clothing, dry-cleaning, flatware section, packet sorter, packet scan and labelling right through to the container outbound scan and passing on the invoicing details.
  • 2016 - WSP concepts In 2016 WSP decided to also offer integrated solutions in the form of concepts. These concepts combine transport systems, control, and the link with other systems in the laundry facility. With its software, systems and services, WSP is perfectly placed to act as a system integrator, offering and integrating a total concept.
  • 2020 – Aim: The laundry of the future WSP has a clear aim for the laundry of the future. The laundry facility in 2020 has reduced its wage costs by 40%, machine capacity utilisation is 90% and productivity per m2 has increased by 20%. Productivity and cost price reduction are critical to competitive position. The logistics process makes the difference between profit and loss. The order in which customers are processed, completeness checking and priority are controlled and adjusted dynamically. WSP makes this possible with smart, innovative solutions. Keen to know what WSP can do for you?

Working at WSP

Working for WSP means working in a growing organisation that operates  internationally and has a technical focus. Every day, our ambitious and close-knit team of more than 40 employees works on smart solutions for national and international laundries. It is the people who make the difference. Committed and innovative: Laundry Innovators.

‘What I want to tell somebody who thinks of working here?’ Caroline, the office assistent, smiles. ‘WSP is an incredible nice company. If you’re working at WSP’s, you’re part of a team of professionals who try to make the difference for our customers everyday and realize the most beautiful laundry solutions. So just apply!’