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Lamme Textielbeheer consciously chooses WSP

WSP once again welcomes a beautiful Dutch family business as a new customer: Lamme Textielbeheer from Nederhorst Den Berg. After […] Read more

First laundry completely controlled by WinWash 2.0

Good news! After much development, testing, discussion and a beta version, we have fully equipped a laundry with WinWash 2.0. With the delivery of the bag rail systems, the soiled laundry sort and the expedition system to our customer Kellner's new laundry, the role of WinWash 2.0 as a logistics system is fulfilling its potential. Read more

Every square centimetre counts in fabulous challenge

‘You guys take such a professional approach’ is something we are used to hearing from our customers. But to have this followed by ‘I am extremely happy with the way you have worked over these past weeks’ is a huge compliment. We recently received this compliment from Herr Popp, operations manager at Textilpflege Mayer, a laundry in Germany. Read more

Laundry Dashboard customers help devise new functionalities

At WSP we are keen to listen to our customers. It was with good reason that we named our jubilee event #Up2U; in other words, it's up to you! This is certainly true where the development of our software is concerned, technology like Laundry Dashboard. We have valuable conversations with our customers on a regular basis, discussing their wishes and how these might translate into new functionality in Laundry Dashboard. Before we make any changes, however, we need to know whether other customers share these wishes. In 2019 we are earmarking 1850 hours of development time for new Laundry Dashboard functionalities, so naturally we want to devote these hours to functionalities that offer our customers added value. To help ensure this, we decided to survey our Laundry Dashboard customers. Read more

Nedlin chooses WSP

WSP welcomes the Limburg family firm Nedlin as a customer. Nedlin is one of the largest family firms in the Dutch laundry sector. In the village of Elsloo, Nedlin processes some 650 tonnes of hospitality and hospital linens per week in two laundries housed under one roof. Moreover, the town of Hoensbroek is home to Nedlin Industry, where work clothing is laundered in a modern production environment.   Read more

WSP strengthens its position in Germany

WSP strengthens its position in Germany with the membership of branch organization DTV (Deutscher Textilreinigungs Verband). In addition to the memberships of the Vematex (Netherlands), TSA (Great Britain) and the Sveriges Tvatteriforbund (Sweden), Germany is a logical choice for WSP, which is active in Germany. With this choice, the Dutch specialist in logistics solutions for industrial laundries hopes to increase its name recognition and to build and strengthen contacts in Germany. Read more

WSP Systems strengthens IT-related band with ROC-A12 and SBB

Last summer, a vacancy for an internship at the ICT department appeared on A number of candidates responded to this and in September a student from the ROC-A12 in Veenendaal in Overberg started his 20-week ‘midden’ internship for the ICT-level at MBO level 4. Because this type of internship requires a recognized training company, WSP at SBB (Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven) has successfully extended its recognition as ICT practice trainer for the ICT administrator training (25189) and Network and media management (25190). The internship at the department can now also be found on Read more

Extensive new build project in Germany

Since the end of October WSP has been hard at work at Wäscherei Kellner in Germany. In an extensive project at this new customer's premises, new WSP innovations aplenty are being applied. Read more

Successful exhibition for WSP

From 19 till 22 Oktober was Milan the place to be for the laundry industry for the ExpoDetergo exhibition. WSP was of course present with a booth. Directly on the first day it turned out that this was a good choice; the WSP team was busy all day with conversations with interested parties. This was also the case on Saturday, with a lot of laundries as guests. After the well-deserved rest day on Sunday, was the team back on the booth on Monday. Despite the calm at the fair, a number of conversations were held, after which the team went home satisfied again. Read more

Successful #Up2U | 25 years WSP

On Friday 21 September WSP organized #Up2U: the celebration of 25 years in business from this Dutch specialist in the laundry industry. Since the start as ‘Wasserij Service Ploeg’ in 1993, WSP has specialized in internal logistics in industrial laundries. Nowadays they are a knowledge partner of the laundries, which they support with their systems and the famous WSP software. Read more

25 years WSP | 21 September 2018 | #Up2U | Join us!

WSP Systems has been in business for 25 years and we would like to celebrate this milestone with you! It's up to you! In other words, you decide how. We have organised a varied day for you in Overberg and Amerongen. Read more

Interesting vlog about washing process Cleanlease Nijkerk

Care provider Atlant has made an interesting vlog about how our customer Cleanlease Nijkerk takes care of their laundry. The dirty laundry goes into the laundry bags.. and what happens next? Vloggers Jim and Lau do research where the clothes, towels and bed sheets are being washed. Read more

Development and system integration in the desert

Following the design phase, in which WSP's internal logistics specialists played a vital role, in 2017 WSP Systems BV was commissioned to complete a prestigious new-build project in Dubai. The commission includes the delivery of all the logistics systems and the overarching WinWash software. This high-end laundry facility handling 6 metric tons of linens an hour for four- and five-star hotels will operate 16 hour a day. The first tons of clean linens have now been delivered to the laundry's customers and WSP can look back on a project that proceeded smoothly and efficiently and be proud of its high-quality delivery of the system! Read more

Building and optimising laundry facilities specialising in workshop towels

In recent months WSP has embarked on an extensive project at a big laundry in Switzerland. Like others, this customer is drawing on WSP's unique specialist knowledge related to laundries specialising in workshop towels. The workshop towels in question are used mainly in graphic design and technical companies. On the one hand, this is a laundry process that requires special attention in view of the hazardous fumes that may be released while the towels are being stored and processed. For both the soiled and clean laundry sides, WSP has now provided multiple laundries with custom-made solutions. These solutions aim to automate and integrate as many of the above tasks as possible, thus making the processing of laundry simpler, safer and cheaper. Read more

WSP Systems is expanding

In April WSP Systems opened a new production facility in Amerongen. This specialist in the logistics required by industrial laundries is expanding its workforce quite considerably, as a result of which it has outgrown its present premises. Moreover, the company badly needed a space in which to assemble and test conveyor belt systems and bag rail systems, and show them to customers. Maarten Ploeg, owner and founder of WSP, found suitable premises in Amerongen, five minutes' drive from Overberg – just on the other side of the hill called the Amerongse Berg. These premises, comprising three large halls and an upper storey housing offices, will provide the space needed to accommodate WSP's continued growth in the coming years. Read more

WSP in Dutch trade journal Textielbeheer (Textile Management) about the use of data in the future

For the February edition of the Dutch trade journal Textielbeheer (Textile Management), our product consultant Henk van Engelenburg has been interviewed with regard to the Data2Move project. The topic: his vision of the future of the laundry and the use of data in that future. Read more

WSP presents Laundry Dashboard during TSA Energy Management Seminar

On Tuesday 13th of February, Jacco van Riessen (Sales) and Arianne van Middendorp (Marketing) presented the advantages of Laundry Dashboard during the Energy Management Seminar of the TSA, the British Laundry Organization, in Swindon (UK). In a crowded area with interested people from the British Laundry industry, they told in an outstanding presentation about the specific features of Laundry Dashboard laundries can use to get a grip on their energy performances, and save on energy costs as well. A unique opportunity to show these features of this innovative software as well. Read more

Maarten Ploeg Business Person of the Year finalist

The annual elections for the Business Person of the Year were held recently in the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug. These elections, in which local business people must be nominated to participate, are intended to encourage and connect people in the business community. Maarten Ploeg, owner of WSP Systems in Overberg, was among this year's nominees. Read more

Successful cooperation WSP and Lamac Machinery benefits the Mireille laundry

WSP Systems bestaat dit jaar 25 jaar. Een kwart eeuw kennis en ervaring in de wereld van de industriële wasserij. Dit is niet onopgemerkt gebleven – zo schrijft WSP om haar kennis te delen inmiddels regelmatig voor nationale en internationale vakbladen. Read more

New website Laundry Dashboard

Laundry Dashboard, a cooperative alliance between the Dutch company WSP Systems and Belgium's Christeyns, is this week launching a new website at The launch has been prompted by the complete overhaul of this ‘performance management’ software for commercial laundries. Experience accumulated over the past eight years has been applied to thoroughly review and revise Laundry Dashboard, incorporating state-of-the-art techniques. The user-friendliness of the dashboards and the reports is one area on which the developers have focused their attention. Laundry Dashboard 2.0 also benefits from the latest findings in the fields of safety, maintenance and sustainability, and the system is now much faster. Read more

Big Data revolution!

A while ago WSP was asked to give their opinion about the data revolution, Big Data and how laundries can benefit by using Big Data. It led to a three pages article in the august-edition of the leading German technical journal RWTextilservice. Read more

“The problem has already been solved before the customer is troubled by it”

Each software system has bugs that the customer can be troubled by. That even applies for WSP's performance management tool Laundry Dashboard. However, our software engineers consider it as very important that they are able to proactive monitor the customers production environment continuously, even outside office hours. This allows them to take immediate actions as soon as a problem arises. In this way we ensure a maximum uptime for your installations. Read more

WSP Systems member of TSA

Since last week, WSP is officially member of the Textile Services Association (TSA.) The TSA is an association for industrial laundries in the UK. The association organises a diverse set of business specific meetings and networking meetings, it publishes a magazine and is lobbying at government organisations on behalf of the laundry industry. WSP Systems BV expects from this membership a fascinating environment in which the company can provide a significant contribution to sharing knowledge and obtains new valuable contacts. Read more

A happy customer!

Always nice to hear that our customers appreciate us. Especially when it concerns new customers, where we've worked for the first time. Last week, we got a nice compliment from our customer Linencare from Ireland, where we've installed new conveyor belts and a new shuttle conveyor, and took over the control of 10 dryers: Compliment to WSP for the standard of people on this project: Excellent. A happy customer: that's what we work for! Read more

WSP present at the Laundry Experience Event

On 17 and 18 March at the Lavans laundry in Helmond the first Laundry Experience Event was held. The event for the laundry sector. Over two days, some 700 people visited the trade fair, at which WSP was naturally present. Amid great interest, Jacco van Riessen presented the new WSP Care Home Concept, and a number of colleagues were present on our stand to answer questions. During the event, visitors could visit Lavans' laundry where they could see what WSP has developed and installed for Lavans. A great success! Read more

WSP launches Care home Concept

In many laundry facilities, processing person-specific laundry presents some interesting challenges. Now, with its Care Home Concept, WSP is ushering in change. This concept uses UHF RFID chips, which are easily inserted into the laundry. In this way WSP enables the automated processing of person-specific laundry. Read more

WSP Systems is growing!

WSP Systems is growing! And that's why on Wednesday 7 December a group of relatively new WSP employees visited the Moderna laundry in Hardenberg. Here, a great many of WSP Systems' products, services and software can be seen, which makes it the ideal location for an introduction to WSP. Three WSP veterans taught the group the tricks of the trade and everyone enjoyed an extensive tour of the laundry facility. For all new employees an excellent start to their career with WSP Systems. Read more

WSP Systems present at NST conference

On 17 November 2016 the Textile Management Dutch National Symposium (NST) was held in Tiel. This year the symposium focused on future market developments and technical innovation. WSP Systems was naturally in attendance. Some 120 visitors from the textile sector visited our stand in the laundry premises owned by Synergy Health. Jacco van Riessen and Wijnand ten Broek were present on behalf of WSP to speak to all the interested visitors. Read more