Successful #Up2U | 25 years WSP

On Friday 21 September WSP organized #Up2U: the celebration of 25 years in business from this Dutch specialist in the laundry industry. Since the start as ‘Wasserij Service Ploeg’ in 1993, WSP has specialized in internal logistics in industrial laundries. Nowadays they are a knowledge partner of the laundries, which they support with their systems and the famous WSP software. You’ll find photos of this day here.

Tour and demonstrations

For most guests, the day began in Overberg, where they could take a look around, following a route that took in all the various departments. Here, employees were

more than willing to have a friendly chat and answer any questions. In addition, two demonstrations were given at which WinWash 2.0 and Laundry Dashboard 2.0 were presented: a beautiful way of showing this software in practice, without actually being in a laundry itself.

After lunch, the guests were brought to the new production facility in Amerongen, where an extensive programme of presentations was planned, so that every guest could, at any time, attend a presentation in Dutch, English or German. Besides that, a little tour was planned here as well, showing the guests the conveyor belts, lifts and other systems that were in production or that were ready to be shipped to the customers. This was a beautiful surrounding for the presentations about WSP itself, Laundry Dashboard and WinWash.

Laundry Dashboard

Experience of working with Laundry Dashboard in practice was shared by Mr Søren Fuglsang-Gram, a customer from Denmark, who explained how the system has been integrated into his own operation and the results this has achieved. The results don’t lie: he no longer has any production leaders on the work floor and his production is increased by 25% since working with Laundry Dashboard. And that’s just with the first version of Laundry Dashboard: in the meantime there’s a fully newly developed 2.0 version on the market.

The essence of Laundry Dashboard lies in measuring the laundry performance in the form of employee performance, machine performance and energy performance. In addition, it provides insight into productive and non-productive hours, but also, for example, in profitability and cost price at customer and / or product level. The employees see their performance on dashboards in the laundry real-time, and it has been shown that this alone increases performance. Laundry Dashboard is there for every type and size of laundry.


# Up2U was also the place to launch the new WinWash software. Like Laundry Dashboard, this software has also been completely redeveloped. Where Laundry Dashboard focuses on measuring and increasing laundry performance, WinWash has been developed to run the laundry. This system already runs in more than 200 laundries, and when it comes to WSP, there will be many more laundries in 2019 and beyond. Unique to WinWash is that it can integrate all machines in the laundry into one large production line, which can be controlled with the software. In addition, laundries can easily plan the laundry with WinWash, which can be viewed with simple reports and information. In addition, you can easily simulate with WinWash (both in the lay-out of the laundry and, for example, in increased production).

LEAN and JIT principles are used as starting points. It is planned on the basis of which laundry must be ready at what time, instead of full load the CBW and to see where it suits. This ensures much more efficient use of buffers and other systems, which means that production runs optimally. By means of the new lorry driver app, a laundry knows before the laundry has arrived, how the production is planned and the day will expire.

Future vision

For WSP, 2016 was a year in which plenty of thought was given to how the future could look. Based on trends in the market and the challenges they present for the industrial laundry sector, WSP has positioned itself afresh as a specialist in the field of logistics systems and software. In addition, the company aims to stand out in the market by being the partner of choice offering a single efficient, integrated production line, a position made possible by WSP’s skill as a system integrator. To achieve this, a three-year process has been embarked upon (2017-2019). During this period development will be intensive company-wide. This development concerns three areas; the optimisation of engineering and production by means of Smart Customisation; the complete redevelopment of the software products WinWash and Laundry Dashboard to enable WSP to capitalize smartly on the challenges in the marketplace; and the opening of a new production location in order to reduce cost price and delivery time. This process is currently entirely on schedule and the first results are already evident. As this shows, WSP is an ambitious company and fully expects automation to play an increasing role in industrial laundries.

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