Innovative and modern

Moderna Textielservice is a nationwide, professional family business that provides a complete package of services in the field of general laundry, work clothing, barrier mats and sanitary hygiene. Giving the customer complete peace of mind is the main objective. Moderna runs several dry cleaners and laundries, clothing repair shops, and its own logistics service. Private individuals are welcome at any of the over 400 drop-off shops that accept clothing and textiles. This is a dynamic, young family business, with an innovative and forward-looking attitude, and it is all about people. People as customers, people as employees. Moderna also has a strong focus on corporate sustainability and environmental awareness. Not the typical concerns of a laundry.

Moderna’s head office is located in Hardenberg. After a devastating fire in 2013, in which the entire laundry was reduced to ashes, the decision was taken to get the business up and running within a year, and better than ever before. Specialists at WSP Systems took on the project ┬ámanagement. It was an ambitious project; one of WSP’s biggest ever. But an excellent opportunity for WSP to demonstrate its added value as a system integrator. And the goal was achieved. Exactly one year after the fire, Moderna opened its new, innovative modern laundry.

WSP is an honest and clear sparring partner who thinks in terms of solutions. We like that. As the spider in the web, it is only logical that they take the lead. With their eye for detail, they prevent unpleasant surprises occurring. That works really well. Roel Stad (director Moderna Textielservice)

Moderna Textielservice BV uses these solutions