Need support?


Do you have a production failure or simply a question? Our specialists are ready to serve you 24 hours a day. We make sure you are always put directly in touch with a specialist who understands the matter at hand.

Spare parts

Our spare parts list is available to WSP's customers free of charge. Send us your email address, and you will receive the up-to-date spare parts list in your mailbox within a few working days.


When you are dealing with one of WSP's specialists, he or she may ask you whether you wish to have Teamviewer installed. This software tool gives our employee remote access to your desktop, once you provide your ID code. This means you receive optimum service.

Service & support

Excellent 24-hour service worldwide

We understand that any stoppage in your operation is always inconvenient. That is why our specialists are on standby 24 hours per day to assist you. Wherever you are located worldwide, we are ready to help. With our outstanding remote support options, we make every effort to get your laundry facility operational as quickly as possible.

Contact with a knowledgeable specialist

Do you have a technical question? Or specific questions about your laundry or drying process? You can always ask one of our specialists. Our professionals can be contacted immediately and are keen to give you honest, relevant advice.

Proactive service interruption analysis and downtime reduction

Do you have a maintenance contract for your installation? If so, we will carry out periodic inspections of your system. This approach enables us to make suggestions for improvement based on the service disruption history. What's more, we are also happy to advise you how to increase your system's productivity. Enabling you to derive maximum benefit from your installation's capabilities.

Our installations are designed to enable optimum remote service and support

Right back at the design stage, we are already thinking about remote support options. This is why many of our components are equipped with a system bus. This means you need only an internet connection to receive remote support from our specialists.

We are satisfied only once your laundry facility is running optimally again

Any production disruption at your laundry facility starts alarm bells ringing at WSP. A signal to take immediate action and not to rest until the matter is resolved. Regardless of the time of day or night. Because we are satisfied only once your laundry facility is running optimally again.

Continuous development

While we - visibly and invisibly - make sure that your laundry works optimally, we continuously are busy developing our products. We work on customerspecific solutions for laundries and new applications for our software. We regularly update our softwareapplications, so that you can count on the newest technology. Everything to help your laundry perform excellent.

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