Auditing and engineering

Our specialists are keen to apply their years of knowledge and experience in the laundry sector for your benefit. Whether this involves designing a complete new laundry facility or providing thoroughly researched recommendations. You can always be sure of honest and independent advice . What's more, WSP's clients can always rely on our excellent 24-hour service .

When we design new laundry facilities and optimise existing ones, we draw on our knowledge of best practices worldwide. Naturally, we take account of various factors such as:

  • Required capacity and productivity
  • ROI
  • Energy consumption
  • Logistics flow
  • Quantity of customers
  • Types of laundry
  • Delivery frequency

What happens when you place an engineering order with WSP? You can count on the project being executed with maximum efficiency. We will, for example, communicate with other involved parties. By applying this approach, together we can achieve the best result for you.


Our consultants are specialists in internal logistics, systems, services and software. In all subareas of the market. This way, they can advise you about the various facets of your laundry operation.
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The specialists at WSP have almost 25 years of experience in the laundry sector, and we are keen to use our knowledge to advise and help you with your plans.
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