Custom software solutions

Our specialists develop and implement intelligent software solutions that maximise the efficiency of your laundry facility. We are happy to apply our years of knowledge and experience in the laundry sector for your benefit.

Intelligent software is an essential link in the chain that delivers a smoothly operating and profitable laundry facility. Standard visualisation and reporting systems are limited and are not closely geared to your situation. That is why we develop all our software ourselves. Based on the current requirements of the modern laundry facility. From visualisation to management reporting and from manual operation to processing instructions.

Producing only what is actually needed for your customer’s delivery. That lies at the heart of LEAN thinking. Only the use of software can make this possible. The smart linking of our software solutions to systems like ERP and linen management systems gives rise to innovative solutions. Think, for example, of the provision of laundry processing instructions based on packing slips produced by your ERP system.
In short: thanks to the combination of custom-made hardware  and software, WSP is able to respond flexibly to accommodate the wishes and needs of your modern laundry facility.


With WinWash you have a single-operator system for the entire production process. This intelligent software solution connects the logistics of the soiled and clean laundry sections to create a single production line.
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Laundry Dashboard

Improve your laundry's performance with Laundry Dashboard. This online management tool gives you real-time insight into your laundry's performance at all times.
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